Assistant Director, TCU’s Center for Digital Expression

During the 2018-2019 academic year, I will served as Assistant Director to the Center for Digital Expression (CDEx). In this position, I provided in-class tutorials on composing in a range of mediums (audio, video, presentation, image, etc), managed all digital media and promotions (website, Facebook, and Twitter), and coordinated events for faculty, students, and staff.

GlobalEX Liaison, TCU’s Center for Digital Expression

During the 2017-2018 academic year, I served as the GlobalEx Liaison for the CDEx. GlobalEx is an initiative started by a group of international and honors student undergraduates. In teams, domestic and international students engage in a series of activities that make local-global connections. At the conclusion of the semester, students present research on local-global issues, such as education in refugee camps, sustainable food practices, and immigrant businesses.

Inforgraphic of the GlobalEx learning journey I developed for the pilot website

As the GlobalEx Liaison, I helped students document their experiences on TCU’s FrogFolio system (see links to their work here) and create multimodal presentations. Together with Colin Robins, I helped create an website that explains the GlobalEx program to prospective participants and other institutions interested in replicating the project. The GlobalEx Pilot Website also acts as an archive of student work. Creating the website required that we consider the learning objectives of the program, translate the program design for a range of audiences, and develop space for students to actually participate in the program.