Blog 4

How do images make arguments you ask? Images, when created the right way, can convey a message than any amount of words cannot get across. Images have so many different aspects that allow us to create so many different arguments in only one photo.

I know we have all had the one time where we saw a photo that made us feel a different way. Photos like this envoke feelings and emotions that otherwise, in writing, we may not feel. These photos below have caught my eye and created a type of emotion in me, whether they are obvious or not any photograph is an art form and has the ability to create a feeling in those who are looking at the picture.

This image is one that really caught my eye. As we know today in society there is a good amount of turmoil when it comes to feminism and women in society today. I think that this photo does a great job of portraying the idea of “a woman can do both.” A woman very much has the ability to work in a professional setting and live her everyday life, but this photo also depicts her ability to be a superhero behind the curtain. This would be a great argument for a feminist movement saying that women are not just one idea anymore, they can be or do anything. This photo is also beating gender stereotyping because it is usually very known that men are usually the superhero and women are always the damsel in distress. This photo did a great job of persuading me and capturing my attention.

This is another photo that has captured my attention in the past. I have always been very captivated by latern lighting festivals and I actually got to take part in one in Peru. I think this picture shows a large amount of innocence, with the children involved they are admiring the pretty colors of the lantern-lit up. Lantern festivals are a place where you are letting go of something, maybe a feeling or a person. It is a very breathtaking moment where everyone feels a sense of freedom and relief. I think this is a beautiful picture that captures the awe before it even occurs.

This is the last photo that caught my eye. This is a stunning wedding picture that has many aspects to it. Whether on purpose or not this photo captures both beauty and darkness in the same picture. We as the audience feel a sense of peace and happiness looking at the beautiful couple who is starting their new life together. I think we can all see the love and passion between them I think what is interesting is the large empty landscape in the background and the storm above them. Stroms generally indicate fear and sorrow so it is a sort of fight of emotions. I also think that the empty background represents loneliness, I think this is a cool concept because this is most likely the couple’s first time being on their own and it is a fresh start for them beginning their future together.