Blog 5… Seattle Homeless Camps

For my second writing project I have chose tho write about the issues of homeless camps in Seattle, or tent cities. My goal for writing about this topic is to inform people about this problem through an infographic.

In this first article written by the KOMO News, which is the local news station, published an article called “We have to take a proactive approach’: State moves to clear highway homeless camps.” In this article it approaches the newly signed law that homeless camps can no longer exist in illegal areas. At the end of this article they address different view points of the homeless camps, even a current homeless person in which lives in a camp. some major stake holders of this article are local residents, city council, other major city council, and the homeless. I plan to address this article in my infographic because it is a major part of the city clean up and will be helpful for people to understand what is already going on.

In this second article written by Seattle Times, called “Pro/con: What’s the right balance when dealing with homelessness?”. Which happened to be an opinion based article. This article simply approaches the pros and cons of homelessness throughout Seattle. The stakeholders of this article are local citizens, visitors out of state, business owner and workers, city council and legislation. I plan to address this article in my infographic because it has a lot of information coming from a citizens viewpoint and although it is opinion based, it shares a lot of true information.

In this last article written by Seattle Times again called, “Why are people in Seattle homeless?”. This article addresses the reasons why people are homeless in Seattle. Theres quite a few reasons why people are homeless, some you might not think of everyday. Stakeholders of this article are citizens again, the Project Seattle staff, and again city council. This would fit well in my infographic because it gives statistic and data about the reasons and it would be a good opening statement on the infographic.