Blog Post #8

The two sites that I use to discover the data that we needed for this blog post were Instagram and Reddit. These are also a couple of websites I am considering using for my writing project #3. The devices that I decide to download were DuckDuckgo as well as Terms of Service. I looked over my terms and service while on Instagram today. I discovered that Instagram shares many of our posts with third parties. These can be other Instagram users, services, businesses, vendors, researchers, and law enforcement. Instagram also has very broad copyright on personal photos they are allowed to transfer the licenses to a third party. I found this very interesting because I did not know that I was forgoing many different rights when I was signing up for Instagram. While using the Instagram website I found that there were no trackers on the site at all. While conducting the same research on Reddit I found my term of service was much different. The first thing that I saw is that Reddit ignores the Do not tack (DNT) headers and will continue to track users even if they have that set on. This means that they will continue to track even if you have a “private” browser on. Another interesting term of service I found was that Reddit can delete your account without prior notice to the user as well as without any reason. You also to defend, indemnify, and had the service harmless in case of a claim related to your use of service. Reddit also is holding unlimited copyright to anything that you are posting. Another term and service from Reddit that I found interesting were that they gather information about you through other third parties. Reddit is allowing to advertise through your data. The most interesting term and service that I found was that they state that they may have other third parties involved in the operation of the service. While looking at the number of trackers I found that Reddit has a total of 5 trackers. They have four of them from google and one of them from Amazon Inc. If I compare these two websites I can conclude that using Instagram over Reddit is safer because of many components from my study. First off, Instagram is not working with third parties to operate the website. This is interesting by Reddit because this lacks the security to their users. Another thing Is that Instagram much safer as it has no trackers coming from multiple websites, unlike Reddit which has from Reddit which has five different tackers coming from two different websites. Another’s a big reason why I like Instagram more than Reddit is because Instagram doesn’t track your account if you are using a private browser unlike what Reddit does. This teaches mean about the different designs to multiple social media websites. It taught me that many social media websites are set up differently in what privacy it gives it user. Some of them are secure and some are not.