Blog 3

So far in this course, I feel like I have learned a lot about writing. Coming in I had no confidence at all, I can already feel the confidence coming to me and we have only be in class for 3 weeks. Rhetoric arguments led me to learn that writing is not just what comes to the top of your head. There is much more to think about. Now I know that the more you critically think the better your report/story could be. Like I stated above, writing is something that you have to think about before doing. Before this class, I would sit at computer the night before a paper was due and start it that night and write things off the top of my head. Now, I feel much comfortable while writing because I am spending time to think about it.

One of my favorite activities that we have done was one of the first ones. I like the activity where you made us write about our most visited news report and why you use that. I have really thought about it like that. I use twitter for most of my news, but I never thought about how twitter gets it from other news sources and that is just where I happen to see it. That activity is what really started making me critical think before I write.

Approaching the first writing assignment I wanted to choose a topic that was kinda big. Choosing smaller topic that does not have as many news sources can sometimes be harder to write about. Also, I wanted to choose something that is a problem in today’s world and hopefully include ways on how we can fix it. I learned to pick a larger topic because while we were doing to the invention writing I had a lot of trouble choosing a topic to do it over because I was just searching for smaller ones. I think I finally chose a topic and hour or two later. I think doing the invention writing before the writing project helps because it got me used to this kind of writing, and was really and example to help succeed on the writing project.