Blog 9: Spotify Articles

The digital space that I am evaluating for WP3 is Spotify, and these four articles all discuss the different ways in which Spotify will take your music listening patterns and will make suggestions for you based off of what you listen to. This digital space seems to take almost everything into account in order to make your weekly suggestions; it uses everything from genre of music, tempo of music, decade it came from, and what music you listen to depending on the time of the day.  

The first article, from, says the algorithm that Spotify uses is one of the most sophisticated, well constructed algorithms used to make suggestions for its users. The article starts by discussing the fact that this music site “potentially has a big advantage over competitors like Pandora, Google, and Apple,” due its comprehensive and sophisticated method of picking songs for its users. This article remains very fact based, and does not seem to put too much opinion into the piece, but is very complimentary of Spotify’s method for personalizing people’s music.  

The second article, from, gives extremely positive feedback about the music streaming device. The article uses terms like “fangirl, “obsession,” and “satisflyingly just right.” This article uses these terms to discuss the multiple ways Spotify will choose your playlists through multiple algorithms, and patterns that are seen across playlists made by other users on the streaming site.  

The third article, from, discusses the advantages and disadvantages of Spotify. The main advantages are that Spotify has free and premium options, that it is available for download on every type of mobile device or computer, and that it is a very easy streaming site to use. The disadvantages, however, are that the streaming site no longer has a lyrics option where you can see the lyric for the songs you are listening to, and that it is only offered in a limited amount of countries around the world. This piece is a fairly neutral article about Spotify as a whole.  

The fourth article, from, is the one article that is highly critical of the popular streaming site. The author says that the company charges too much for its streaming fee for paying users, and handcuffs the nonpaying users in order to get them to pay for their services. The author also has a problem with the fact that the artists that they are streaming music for does not give back enough of the profit to the artists themselves. The streaming service is also too confusing to use, according to the author.  

Overall, these articles genuinely reinforce my overall perspective of the streaming service as I have always been very impressed with the choices that Spotify has made for me on my account. I also do not have to worry about the overpriced fee for the site, because I pay a cheaper fee of $5 a month because I am a student. This research actually has me more impressed with the site, now that I know how the lengths that the company goes to to give you the perfect playlist every week.