Unit Recap

This past unit, some of the biggest things that I have learned have to do with the surveillance of your actions by websites and different trackers when you are online. With how many different companies and websites being owns or in partnership with major companies and corporations like Amazon, Facebook, or Microsoft, there are some of the largest companies in the world that are holding information about you that you did not know they had about you.  

Knowing that there are extensions that you can use for Google Chrome is something that I also find very helpful. Having extensions that will block some of the trackers and tell you what trackers there also are so that its users are aware of what different companies are trying to keep track of your information. Personally, I use DuckDuckGo as my new browser, which will block trackers and will also give ratings of the security of the website you are on. I also use Ghostery as a way to block many of the trackers that take my information that I am on. The third extension that I use is Waverly to see the quality of the website that I am on and see the technical things that go into making the website.  

With the spatial arguments of websites, some websites will have very crowded, overwhelming website designs that do not have much of aesthetic to it, like IMBD, while there are other websites that focus mostly on how pleasing it looks. Website designs all seem to vary with how much they are about the aesthetics of the website, the access to the website, navigation, and the quality of the website, which all depend on if the company wants their website to be easy for its users, look good, or be very functional for its users.  

In this unit, as a writer/composer is how to analyze websites for myself. Usually, I only will focus on how easy a website is to navigate, because that is really the only thing that matters to me is that I am able to find what I am looking for. I have learned how to analyze the other aspects of the websites so I could use that information for writing or creating some other medium regarding the features of the website.  

Overall, this unit has helped tie together the whole semester because this is the first unit that I have used something besides an essay for a project. This last unit, I created an infographic for my Writing Project, which was the first time I had ever created an infographic for a project over an essay. This unit also relates to the previous two units by first learning how to create an argument, then learning how images can make an argument, and then learning how a website and the space of websites are able to make arguments.