IW 3

For this Invention Writing, I will be analyzing my Twitter. Although I use Instagram just as often, I think Twitter captures people’s personalities, thoughts, and emotions more, as well as my own. I don’t tend to tweet that much unless I think of something creative, but I do “like” and “retweet” quite frequent.

I like Twitter because although there’s only a certain number of characters allowed in one tweet, it’s a platform for self expression and a platform people can use as an outlet if they need to express a concern or feeling. This is how I use it typically, and share tweets with friends when I want to reach out if I haven’t spoken to them in a while as well as friends that I speak to on a regular basis.

My Twitter is mostly humor based and I don’t reveal a lot of private information in my bio. I used to be more creative with my header, profile picture, and bio, but I ended up editing it last year to make it more vague and satirical.

I made my Twitter back in 2011 when everyone in 8th grade thought it was
“cool” and everyone was starting to make one, so inevitably I had to too. Every other girl my age would post tweets such as selfies with witty captions such as song lyrics from the newest One Direction single or a quote from Tumblr, but I always went for the funny tweets or a photo of me in a suitcase with no caption.

Or I would tweet things relatable to people at my high school such as:

Everyone made tweets like this that were relatable to things and people at my high school, such as making relatable tweets about our dress code lady and what it was like when she would try to make you change.

When I first created my account I also had thousands of followers on Tumblr, so many of my followers from there would follow me on Twitter. People from school would always ask how I had so many followers and I would always respond with, “from Tumblr.” I was known as “the Tumblr girl” from 8th grade to about end of Sophomore year of high school. I stopped posting photos and updating it Junior year of high school and rarely go on it anymore. I now just use my main social media accounts such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

I also used to tweet a lot about One Direction when I was a huge fan a couple years ago. My Twitter was mostly comprised of jokes, tweets related to Harry Styles, and tweets related to stuff at my high school. At my high school and in my town people also used Twitter as the main source for wishing people happy birthday, and I did as well. Most people would pick the 3 worst or funniest pictures they could find of their friends and then include one good one. I haven’t done that in a while after Instagram stories became the main platform for posting about birthdays.

I now mostly just retweet funny tweets I see or try to create a creative and funny tweet when I think of it. I also like to keep up on news and politics and retweet or like a tweet when I feel it’s relevant, portrays my feelings or opinions, or spreads attention to something when needed. When it comes to politics, I try not to be too subjective and retweet things that could come across controversial or offensive, but still gets my opinion across and spreads awareness.

Although many people’s online personas and actual personas are different, I feel like mine is a pretty accurate depiction of who I am and what I’m like. I’ve never been one to portray to the world and my followers that my life is different or better than it actually is because I don’t think it’s necessary and can lead to self-image and confidence issues. On Twitter and my other social media accounts I try to portray a small sense of who I am by giving some information, but not too much to where my followers and people who view my profile know everything about me. When I first got Twitter, I thought I needed to fill out every single information box so that people would think I was cool or would know stuff about me and follow me, but now that I see the potential dangers of putting every detail about yourself, I chose to change it so it’s only a limited view. I also think the older I get, especially in college, I don’t have time to keep the world updated on what I’m doing every minute of my life (and most of the time no one actually cares), so I keep my postings to a minimal and post when I feel it’s necessary or important to.