Invention Writing 3

After exploring my Instagram page and looking through my photos to see how I present myself online compared to in person. I realized that the argument I am portraying is pretty similar to how I present myself in person. I highlight on my instagram the things that I enjoy doing. The screenshots I have included in this piece display how I want people to view myself as a person. Lacrosse, football, friends, family and travel are the major categories of photos on my instagram. After examining my instagram under this kind of scope made me realize that all of my photos fall under one of those categories. For example, I have five photos of me playing lacrosse and three photos of me playing football over the years. That is eight out of the twenty six total photos I have on my instagram. To fill out the remaining photos, I have nine photos of my friends and I. Four photos of myself traveling to places such as Alaska, Florida and Aruba. Finished off with two photos of my family and I. With three miscellaneous photos, which don’t fall into any of those categories. 

I am not a huge social media person in my opinion. The main reason I use instagram is to stay up to date with my friends and what they are doing. I am not a huge follower fanatic who gets upset about not having thousands of followers. I mainly use Instagram to stay up to date on my sports news such as nfl injuries on Sunday’s. 

When I do choose to post photos on Instagram it usually has an event tied to it. Which is probably every three to six months on average. My posts usually consist of photos that I believe are cool and interesting.

This photo on my instagram  depicts me attempting to do a backflip off this swing on a pirate ship in Aruba. I chose to post this because I thought it was a very cool picture that a friend of mine took. My following (followers) probably looked at this photo and saw that I was in Aruba jumping into the water. They can infer that I like to travel from this photo and that I’m doing something that is abnormal.  

In this photo on my Instagram, It is me playing in a lacrosse game in Southern California for TCU. This photo depicts to my followers that I am still playing lacrosse but now at a different school because a couple photos earlier there is a photo of me playing lacrosse in a Denison jersey. This photo could purpose the argument that the lacrosse team travels great distances to play games due to the location tag being in California when I go to school in Texas. It can also portray the argument that I want my followers to know that I am still athletic and playing sports.   

I posted this photo on christmas from a cool church service that we went to on the beach in Florida. This photo can send many arguments to my followers. It can tell them that I am christian and somewhat religious due to me attending a church service on Christmas. Even though I don’t go to church every week it could be inferred that I am a religious person. Another inference that can be made from this photo is that I am a family person by posting a photo of my family to my Instagram. Which is ironic because I don’t let any of my family members follow my social media because I like to have that degree of separation from them. The final argument that could be taken away from this photo is that my family enjoys to spend Christmas in warm weather due to us spending Christmas in Florida when Christmas is associated with snow and colder weather. 

The final photo I chose to analysis for the writing project is a fishing trip I took with my brother, cousin, uncle and grandpa recently when we were in Alaska. The arguments that can be taken away from this photo, are that I enjoy to travel to far places, that I enjoy finishing and spending time with my family. I decided to post this photo because I really enjoy finishing. This picture can be perceived that I am not a catch and release fisherman. Which in today’s views could be frowned upon but the specific part of Alaska was overpopulated with salmon therefore we were doing good by catching that many fish that day instead of just being killers and taking away from the population. 

I believe my social media mirrors how I present myself in society because I am not posting for the likes or my followers but instead posting photos that I find interesting and that I believe my friends will find interesting as well.