Blog 9

One feature of the Apple website that I found to be the most interactive for customers was the accessories for the products, especially the iPhones. When buying Apple phone cases, you can see how the case will look on the phone you have. You are able to choose the phone you have and look at how the different colors will look on your phone.

An article in CNBC, talked about how all Apple products have a lot of familiarity between one another and encourages people to keep buying their products and upgrading their products. Because people are familiar with how Apple products work, there is no need for people to go into a store to buy their new products, the Apple website allows you to do so in the comfort of your own home. The website also allows you to chat with someone online to figure out any issues you may be having with your product. This can help with whether or not you actually need to go into the store. The website also has a FAQ page where there are many questions with solutions that a lot of Apple customers can relate to.

The Apple website also gives full explanation of the new iOS software and the features it will include with your Apple products. An article in Forbes reported how iOS 13 for iPhones was full of bugs and many applications were crashing shortly after being opened. When Apple hears about these issues with the updates, they fix them as fast as they can. Because Apple is so innovative, it even allows your iPhone to update automatically when you have the least screen time, which is normally when you are sleeping. The Apple website is organized by each product. When you click on the specific product, it has the current update for the product. For example, the Mac current update is Catalina, while for the iPhone is it iOS 13.

When doing my research, it was hard to find articles that suggested their was something wrong with the website. When doing the research for WP3, I might consider looking more into the issues with the layout of the website. As I have been scrolling through, I noticed how it is very cluttered and difficult to find certain topics that do not include buying Apple products. This is interesting to me because you would think a website would be more for support because the physical Apple store is extremely interactive with their customers.