THE Blog (II)

As a young adult growing up in a technologically dependent society, it is easier than ever to have immediate access to the latest news stories. Various news and media apps on our smart phones allow us to get instant coverage on all stories from politics to sports, virtually making newspapers obsolete. Although many people chose concrete news websites with a particular political background and specific audience, I prefer to get all my news coverage from Twitter. I personally do not take things as heavy hearted as most people and do not associate with a certain political party, so having an unbiased platform for everyone to get their messages across in the same location makes for the ideal choice.

Twitter covers every news story and allows for a multitude of different news channels, experts, and politicians to voice their take and opinions all at the same time. Through Twitter’s “Trending” page, the reader can see what the most talked about topic on the internet may be as well as what everyone has to say about that particular topic. In regard to politics, Twitter makes for an optimal platform for both sides of the political spectrum to have public debates and conversations. Where other news stations such as Fox News and CNN have specific audiences in mind for their sometimes-biased stories, Twitter often gives its readers access to both sides of every story as well as various links to other news websites to expand on the readers interest.

While Twitter can be a domain that provides its visitors with vast coverage on many breaking news stories, there can be drawbacks for using the website as a main source of information. For example, Twitter in itself is not a reliable news site, but instead a platform for other news media to get their stories out to a general audience. With that being said, the question of credibility is always posed, and more often than not, the reader must cross reference the received information to confirm if the statement is true or not. However, for a college student who tends to not dive too deep into things, Twitter works just fine to keep up with the news.