Blog 10

During this unit, I learned a lot about spatial arguments and how websites direct these arguments to specific groups of people. Whether you realize it or not, every website has a goal/argument in mind with the content they distribute. Websites are designed to satisfy their audiences in the best way possible. I find this very prevalent in politically attached websites. Everyone knows politics is a very one side or the other affair and tends to bring people against each other. Therefore, in designing websites and arguments that fit with their respective audiences. This process can be very tough for the creators of these websites and spatial arguments.

 I experienced this first hand when I evaluated Reddit. I had always viewed Reddit as very confusing and not user friendly interface. After lots of research into its past and current policies. I discovered a whole other side of the news aggregator. Reddit allows its user to create its own content and establish followings. These followings are either up or down arrowed and are ranked accordingly. I found it very interesting how every single subreddit could create content and gain a following over their content. I view this as every user has the ability to create an argument towards a specific audience, even if they don’t realize it. This led to very sick and twisted subreddits being created. This caused problems for some individuals but also led to large amounts of attention. This put Reddit in an uncomfortable spot because this content was a large percentage of their following. They ultimately decided to remove this distasteful content and set up a new policy. After reading plenty of information on Reddit I discovered what Reddit was truly created for and its purpose. This project has made me look at digital spaces differently and look into the arguments they are attempting to portray. 

This last unit has tied the past two units in very nicely. We began by exploring arguments in our news sources. I found this unit very entertaining because I really didn’t realize the extent news sources stretch and twist the truth in order to meet their audiences preferences. After the first unit I understood the power of argument and how it is crucial to reaching your targeted audience. The second unit we explore the power of photos. The power of photos and images surprised me. I’ve always heard a picture is worth a thousand words but I never really bought into that phrase until this unit. I was surprised by how much I could communicate to my audience through a group of pictures. This final unit tied the whole course together. We got to look at the whole picture of the digital space with the knowledge we learned throughout the semester. We got to explore the argument the digital space was trying to portray, the information they were collecting from us, how user friendly the digital space is and many other factors. We got to look at the digital space through different lens and noticed things that before this class I never would’ve. I will use the knowledge I gained in the future and I will look at digital spaces differently from now on.

Thank you for a great semester and good luck in your teaching career.