Blog 10

In this unit, I’ve broadened my knowledge on the design of websites and interfaces, spatial arguments, and the use of trackers and browser extensions.

I had always know a little about the back-end of websites such as HTML and coding because I used to do it on my Tumblr blog, and my dad is a Software Engineer so I’ve learned from both. What was new to me was the use of trackers such as Ghostly and looking into how much personal data nonsecure websites can get from you. Additionally, I had honestly never read a privacy policy until this unit. After installing “Terms of Service; Didn’t Read,” I learned about how Terms of Service pages actually work and what they’re there for.

For spatial arguments, I’ve learned that there’s a multitude of mediums that one can use to evaluate or propose a website or interface. The new ones introduced in this unit were slideshows and videos. I had always heard of or seen people giving feedback or proposing change on platforms such as Instagram, like with them taking away likes, but I had always just seen it in the form of a 140-character Tweet or story on Instagram. I think the idea of spatial arguments is useful in getting the attention of audiences and developers.

As far as the composing progress of a spatial argument, I had always listened to podcasts but never actually made one or researched how to make one and what the process looks like. I think for me, I found the composing process a bit more challenging than anticipated because I switched the interface that I was using to make the podcast. I started using GarageBand, but it ended up having too many updates and changes since I had last used it, so I found instead. The parts that were challenging were figuring out how long the intro and outro music should be, how long the overall podcast should be, and how to find advertisements that were vocal and not focused on the visual advertisement.

As a writer/composer, this medium challenged me because I have learned that I am a visual writer, and not being able to see anything tangible was difficult. It definitely pushed me outside my comfort zone. In the future if I want to make a podcast, I now can due to the knowledge I gained from this unit and writing project.

In this unit, I have continued to learn that I am a visual learner/person, which is what I realized in Unit 2. Additionally, I have deepened my knowledge on mediums that were used in Unit 2 and Unit 3, such as photo essays and infographics. Looking back at the first unit, I have definitely grown as a writer in the argument category, as well as learned how to strengthen my arguments through revision, peer feedback, and instructor feedback. Furthermore, throughout each unit I have learned how to correctly write a Maker’s Memo, what it’s composed of, and how to self-evaluate myself without being too harsh or too lenient.