Blog 6

I decided to pursue my topic of issues with financial aid because I feel as if it’s not a common topic that’s often argued in assignments or projects. I also feel as if it’s a topic that isn’t talked about enough, and needs to be addressed. I also have a personal connection with this issue, and can appeal to my audience and claims. The audience I chose to address is current and prospective students, parents, financial aid advisors, and officials in charge of handing out financial aid. At first, the medium I was going to present my topic through was an infographic, but after thought about logistics and overall presentation, I decided to use a comic or cartoon instead. I feel as if a comic/cartoon will be the best medium because the main point is made through subtle humor, and this topic is often “made fun of” on social media, even though there is an underlying issue that needs to be addressed. For example, many tweets and memes make fun of FAFSA by saying stuff like, “FAFSA be like” and attached is a photo of a dollar bill. This is an example of a medium that uses humor through relatable captions and photos. In my comic, I plan to have a situation where a student and their parents are overjoyed with them getting accepted into their dream college, then having the realization that they can’t afford it.

This medium is the best for appealing to the rhetorical problem because as stated above, it is usually discussed in a comical sense but has an underlying issue that doesn’t get changed or fixed. This medium is the best for my chosen audience because high school and college students can relate to it with the humor aspect and relativity, and it can also portray the emotions behind the issue to financial aid advisors. It also appeals to parents because they are able to relate to difficult financial situations in their student’s educational experience. Issues with financial aid is a tough discussion topic for many individuals, but including humor into an argument can alleviate some tensions, which is why it’s the best medium to appeal to audiences with.

The affordances of this medium are: being humorous while being presentable, coherent and easy to understand, the panels used effectively in terms of space to show emphasis, including an argument that is geared toward a specific audience so they are able to understand the humor and argument behind it, and simplistic and shares the message in a quick way.

The limits of this medium are: not being inappropriate, not too wordy, not focused too much on the images, and not plagiarizing someone else’s artwork or work.

The rhetorical choices made for me in this genre are: include humor, include drawings, artwork, or photos, include captions or short phrases, address argument through satirical or comical references and allusions, not too long and not too short, and selecting the right kind of setting to address the argument in.