Blog 7

This unit has allowed me to utilize what I learned from the previous project as well as taught me many new things about arguments and visual mediums. Pulling on information from unit 1, audience awareness still plays a major role in these visual arguments. In order to create a successful visual piece, it is important to fully develop and understand your audience as it will help you better craft your work. At first, I was planning to create an infographic for a general audience but as I tried to begin my infographic, I was running into issues and felt that my reach was too broad. I was attempting to inform a wide audience and was not able to successfully include all I wanted in my argument.  As I narrowed my audience down to a more specific group, it enabled me to include more information that directly addresses parents (my new, defined audience).

The composing process for this assignment has been very different than unit 1 as I’ve first had to familiarize myself with the conventions of an argument, decide what details are important to include, and then learn how to shape an effective argument. In order to create my own infographic, I’ve had to look through countless. other infographics and fully research the medium to understand the decisions I need to make and how to successfully create an argument. Learning the styles of an infographic included understanding the choices you get to make as the creator (images, text, statistics, colors, fonts, hierarchy of information, etc.) and the limitations of using a certain medium (templates, special availability, balance of images and text, etc.). With the purpose of my infographic being to educate parents, I had to create an outline of my key messages and transform those notes into a hierarchy of information, in order to effectively follow the style of an infographic.  Lastly, I’ve been able to learn from issues I had in the first writing project and focus in on the importance of creating my own ethos as a writer and not becoming someone else – I’ve utilized online sources and built them into my visual argument. Through this, I have not only seen the importance of using sources to strengthen an argument  but also the importance of researching the source and checking its credibility as it can hinder my work and ethos if it’s not a respected or well-known source.