Blog 6- Messiah

For my IW2 project the topic I decided to choose from was bullying, and possible ways that you can prevent bullying through the millennial community. I chose this topic because a lot of people know that bullying is still a continuous issue in today’s society and some things still have not changed towards it. There are still children out there getting picked out and especially now, I’m pretty sure they are still active in school with bullying, but cyberbullying has also been a topic of conversation as well as it too runs deep.

I felt that my audience was really easy to pick because it doesn’t really happen as you get older and older in the adult stages, but for the younger kids who go to schools that aren’t very supervised tend to have these ongoing issues. The best medium that I thought would be best for this was to do a series of PSA’s leading up to the problem and how to fix it if you/ or someone else was ever found in being in the situation to begin with. PSA’s do a great job of instantly initiating what you should change. It’s a picture with not too many words, but something that is straight- forward and in high demand.

One thing that I look forward to while doing this project is that I’m sure the more guidance people get from not bullying then the more they follow it. Being able to see things and know that if you are in the wrong of doing that thing should kind of make you feel some type of way. Hopefully seeing more PSA’s about the ongoing bully frenzy could come to an end soon, so our beautiful children and young siblings could start enjoying to want to go to school.

One thing that I worry about is that I won’t convey the message on how I thought I could. PSA’s are to inform but also to acknowledge to get the community and the audience on the right point. I just hope that the audience will be able to understand my series of mediums as a guide on what to do when being put in a bad situation.

Bullying can string a lot of controversial topics as it pertains to the child’s well being, mental health is the biggest factor because children have a hard time as it is expressing themselves. Bullying can cause depression and anxiety and even look at it from a school standpoint– grade averages start to lower, drop outs, etc. I think it is important that we address this issue… better now than later !