What I’ve Learned so far… Blog 7

Well…. welcome to blog 7. It’s been a pretty fun journey going through this semester. It’s so crazy how it’s almost over and this English class has been an amazing rollercoaster. From a unit standpoint, I think I could say that the visual argument has been the most interesting one that we’ve gone over. I learned that pictures don’t need words to tell a story. They can voice something by just looking at the set-up of it. For example, the picture we looked at in class of the little girl and the mom being stopped by border control. The picture was dark and the focus was on the little girl as it had a beam of light shining on her red jacket and the hand of the police officer patting the mother down.

The composing piece of it all has been the most challenging, looking for a medium was pretty easy when you had you rhetorical situation first. My rhetorical situation deals with “Preventing bullying” and I have to create a series through the PSAs that I will create. But, I also learned about PSAs, cartoons, infographics, advertisements, and their importance when it deals with visual arguments. They each have a main purpose to help convey the message to your audience. For example, with PSA’s, PSA’s are more of a one word demand. If you have a good picture and a word that stands out, you should have no trouble getting the attention of the audience you are trying to reach. Infographics, they show the statistical matter of things. One activity I worked on with one of my groups was different infographics to show how to prevent a fire from happening. With the necessary information, your audience will find it delightful and helpful and something fun to look at.

I also learned that when dealing with different visual arguments the have have different genre conventions. Like with cartoons, it’s to raise awareness of an issue and it’s usually done by providing humor and satire to a current event. Photos– they tell a story or “portray emotions via images that may be accompanied by text” and so on with he rest of the medium selections.

As it pertains to writing, I am having some trouble with creating my argument for my rhetorical situation. Like maybe I’m just over thinking it but I want my audience to understand what I am trying to put out from my PSA. It’s smoothly coming along though. The skills that I developed from unit 1 was to make sure that the argument was concise and clear. Hopefully I can get my maker’s memo correct this time as well as the report context if there is one because I know I struggled on that as well. But, overall I’ve learned a pretty good amount of new things to work on still. Like I said, it’s kind of fun to be able to be creative… I just want it to be right for my audience!