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How do images make arguments? Think about a time that an image or series of images made an impact on you. What made that visual so impactful? How did it impact you? What can you learn from that experience? Include a link to the visuals you discuss if possible.

Images use persuasive ideologies to convince the audience on a particular topic or idea. Images may make some arguments easier to see and understand. Through the use of colors, depth, shapes, words, and topics an artists will be able to select the best usage in order to share their message. Images create a type of verbal argument that can be spread in numerous ways. Today, social media presents a large platform for artists to share their work.

Images can create stories that connect with emotions, logic, and ethics. For example, last class we discussed popular artists that have started movements. We selected to present upon Banksy, a popular graffiti artist whose identity is unknown. On the side of a building, he designed and painted a man in the likeness of a rioter or protester. The man was wearing all black and had his face covered. He appeared to be throwing some type of weapon, but it had been replaced by a bouquet of flowers. This artistic choice is protesting violence and war, highlighting the “spread love, not hate message” to anyone passing by.

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Image result for kawhi leonard game winner…0.0..……0….1..gws-wiz-img…….0i67.Rcb7MPK7K0E#imgrc=TxjTiCqUMSiGLM:

This image was taken as Kawhi Leonard’s last second shot was still in the air. This shot completed the series and they would go on to win against the Philadelphia Seventy-Sixers. This particular shot had hit 4 different parts of the rim and is considered one of the best shots of the modern era. As it was already a difficult shot to make, falling away from the hoop and in the corner, he also had Joel Embiid guarding him. This allowed the Toronto Raptors to advance to the NBA Finals and eventually beat the Golden State Warriors for the title. Even though the Los Angeles Lakers are my favorite team, my mom was born in Toronto, so I became an honorary fan after the Lakers never made the playoffs.

The determined look on Kawhi Leonard’s face, the stunned look of his teammate, and the scared look from Joel Embiid share a lot about the scenario. After Kawhi Leonard had made this shot, the entire stadium erupted with cheers and the court became flooded with other photographers and players.

Another impactful photo that had been present on the internet is a photo of Joel Embiid crying as he exited the court and walked into the locker room.

Image result for embiid crying

Joel Embiid is on the rise and is expected to have another dominant season. Even though at the time, he felt as if his impact was not great enough, this will only become motivation for seasons to come. Many people have made fun of players for crying on or off the court, but they need to realize that they are also human. Their efforts do not go unnoticed and they continue to amaze their fans and will continue to produce an amazing output for their team.

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Another image that I find impactful is this one. This is Goga Bitadze sitting next to the first overal draft pick, Zion Williamson. Bitadze has no one asking him questions or even taking photos of him while Williamson is swarmed by reporters and photographers. Bitadze had recieved messages from current players, such as Draymond Green, saying, “He should frame this pic…look at it every day and grind!” Zion Williamson has proven to be a top tier athlete throughout his high school and college career, but players like Bitadze may go unnoticed and still have a long impactful career.