Blog 6

Michael Bazarevitsch  

Whitney Lew James  

Implicit Arguments  

22 October 2019  

Blog 6 

For this project I selected to use a Comic as my medium. Comics provide a direct message on a subject while its presented in a comical and satirical form. As discussed in our last class, we established that comics contain artistic features, a few select words or sentences, and a specific purpose. Comics may also come in color or black and white. Last class we discussed the conventions of comics and through my own research and observations, I have been able to distinguish patterns and correct usages of these image arguments. In class tomorrow I will also compare my research with the other students who are creating a comic to see how theirs has differed from mine. I have also explored some websites that have allowed me to create comics.  

The purpose of this project is to target the usage of e-cigarettes on college campuses and to deter anyone from using them in the incorrect manner. These devices were originally designed to help cigarette smokers eliminate their addictions and eventually become independent of the harmful substances that result from smoking. It is becoming common knowledge that a pack of cigarettes contains the same amount of nicotine as a Juul pod. Products such as Juul have become a trend and are used more for image and gaining a “high” from nicotine rather than stopping any former problems. It has also become connected to a specific type of image that a person wants to create about themselves.  

I selected this medium because I felt like my audience would be able to understand it best. My audience would be college-aged students. I feel that these quick interpretations of a larger subject would be best understood if they were presented in a way the college students liked most. In the era of memes, short stories, and quick messages, comics are yet another way to implement ideas on a generation used to a fast-paced lifestyle. I also feel that a comic can also be shared through social media or other forms of entertainment best suited and designed for college students. Speaking from personal experience, I find images, such as memes or comics, to be very entertaining. It is also very easy to share them with friends. The next best option would be a short video montage of my message. Videos are entertaining and they provide visuals and information that is usually easy to understand. I would have also liked to write a photo essay, but students do not typically enjoy reading in depth articles about problems they may be experiencing.  

Some of the limitations of a comic come from the short message it provides. Since it only contains a few key words or sentences, as well as a few images, then the message may not be as in depth as need be. A comic will typically introduce and combat only one specific idea and does not have enough of a backup argument. Instead of a detailed analysis, a comic will only provide a short argument and resolution. It may also be a problem to make sure that the argument is well presented and covers the entirety of the subject.  

Along with my final comic, I plan on writing a rhetorical analysis segment, discussing the choices made and reasoning behind each decision. I will also highlight my main argument as well as the smaller arguments that tie in with this. I plan on making an easily accessible visual argument that combats the image of e-cigarettes and the dangers it causes.