Blog 7

Throughout this unit, I have learned many different rhetorical aspects that will help aid my visual argument. I have selected to create a comic strip to display my message. I will be targeting the advertising campaigns of large vape companies trying to replicate flavors, packaging, and design of candies and other products designed towards children. In groups. we created a list of genre conventions for comics and decided that artistic elements, short sentences, and specific audience. While creating my rough draft of my comic, I found that I am very specific in what I wanted to create, so I went through multiple websites in order to select the best one. I still decided to use google slides and insert photos from online and captions that I will produce myself. The argument needed for this piece needs to be clear and concise. A comic is meant to be short and available to a wide variety of people, based on its easy ability to be spread. In unit 1 I was introduced to rhetoric, and now I have refined my definition. Choosing one specific idea and elaborating on it will differ from when I tried to select multiple ideas and share it with a broad audience.

For this project I will create a six slide comic. My rough draft was drawn on paper and then elaborated in a google slides which will be my final medium. The top three will show a young child at a party (Halloween, Birthday, or other special event) and he will be invited in and offered candy, snacks, and a drink. The bottom three slides will show a college-age individual walk into a party and get offered something. Both frames will consist of a large spread of colorful packages and logos, yet the top frame will be candy and the bottom frame will be vape devices and other products. I will most likely title my project, “Look Familiar?”