Michael Bazarevitsch – Blog 3

Throughout this course, I have developed my analysis of rhetorical writings, my argumentative style of writing, and my overall writing efficiency.

During the first invention writing, I discussed two different articles written about the same topic. This allowed me to analyze specific areas of writing, while composing work of my own. Earlier this year, we had a free-write discussing “What makes a good report?” I exclaimed that it uses evidence and facts. It also has to be easy to understand and intentional to a specific audience. An analysis of the event as well as little to no personal bias is best for a detailed description of the event. Even though the point of our upcoming assignments will be to analyze sources that target a specific audience or compile their own beliefs in their writing, I mentioned that I am against this when reporting factual evidence in the news.

Common news sources such as the New York Times and Fox News, typically have different ways of interpreting specific messages. News Reports should first be able to provide answers to the basic questions the general audience will have. After everything has settled and all of the information has been received, this is when news sources should insert their opinions.

Our two previous Blog posts also targeted areas of writing that were discussed in class. We discussed the importance of rhetoric, and how being efficient and persuasive in writing will enhance a message to a specific audience.

My own writing errors come from not being able to share my ideas in a clear way. Throughout this semester, I hope to understand the importance of efficiency and improve on the flow of my statements.

The Free-Writing assignments that we have done to open class have taught me the importance of efficiency while writing. My personal goal has been to write at least 5 sentences in the short amount of time. For example, the first blog that we wrote was an interpretation of our name. Both sides of my family had originated from Russia and my last name, “Bazarevitsch” is a German spelling of a Russian name. I discussed how my dad was born in Argentina and my mom was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. For that specific assignment, I tried to be specific with my details, trying to focus on information rather than structure. Even though those assignments have not been graded on accuracy, the point of them is to allow us to gather our thoughts on paper and then interpret what we have written.

For my first Writing Assignment, I will be composing a draft, compiling a list of sources, and using my own personal notes to enhance my writing. I also plan to meet with my classmates during class time to discuss our work and find ways to improve our writing.

Last year in my Freshman writing class, our first assignment was to write a Rhetorical Analysis paper. My teacher, Dr. Bezusko, enjoyed my analysis and writing style, and asked if she could use my paper as an example for the following year. I was able to meet with her and discuss ways to improve my writing, and I hope to do the same with my teacher and peers.