Michael Bazarevitsch

Hello, my name is Michael Bazarevitsch and I am from Pasadena, California. I originally visited Texas to look at SMU in hopes of playing soccer for the Mustangs. I decided to also view TCU with one of my friends and decided that this school was the one for me. Like many other TCU students, I am from Southern California and fell in love with the Texas environment. After meeting so many people from California last year, I finally understood why TCU was nicknamed “Texas-California University.” So far, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at TCU and am looking forward to what else this community has to offer.

I am interested in business, communications, and social studies. I am on track to become a part of the Neeley School of Business and am completing my requirements for acceptance. Last year I completed Micro and Macroeconomics, as well as Calculus. Calculus was my most difficult subject and I am very glad to have used one of my two “pass/fails.” Later this year I will need to prepare for an interview and application for the Business School. I currently have an Accounting class in Neeley and am very excited at how the new building turned out. I am also currently taking a Latin American History class that seems very interesting. Even though it is still only the first week of school, I am enjoying the pace and style of the class. The teacher is very thoughtful in his learning curve and is very educated on the topics presented in class. I have had many discussions with students already following my desired path and am always eager to learn more. I understand that the Neeley School of Business will be difficult, but it will be an exciting adventure.

I have played soccer for more than fourteen years and enjoy watching games on weekends. Growing up, my dad would usually wake up very early and record the European soccer games. Whenever I would wake up, I would have breakfast and be able to watch 90 minutes of top tier athletes. I played four years of soccer in high school and decided to join the Moncrief Intramural Team last year. We lost in the championship, but I was just happy to compete with my friends. I also competed for the Moncrief Intramural Basketball Team and we were able to win the Championship in the Schollmaier Arena. I am not a basketball player, but I do enjoy almost any sport. I am also a Student Manager for the TCU Football Team and this will be my second year with the team. Last year I was able to travel with the team to Baylor, University of Texas, and AT&T Stadium. I will be on the sidelines during the games and will hopefully watch TCU beat some of their rivals this year. This year I will be able to travel to more away games, including Week 2 at Purdue. This will be an amazing experience, because one of my friends from high school just joined the Purdue football team.

I plan on extending my knowledge and my writing style. I hope to connect my ideas more efficiently and have an open mind to new topics. I also want to learn from my own mistakes during the drafting periods and eliminate common errors. I also hope to learn with my peers and contribute to their work as much as they contribute to mine. (8/28/19)