There has recently been an influx of personal opinion scattered throughout many news sources. These sources often select and share news that favors or enhances their own beliefs. In some ways, this helps shape and sharpen the readers own knowledge, but in other ways it distracts the audience from the problems that may be hidden.

Along with many other forms of social media, Twitter is where I mainly receive sports updates and stories. Twitter is also head to many political debates, so it does not seem like this would be the place to find unbiased and truthful news. An account that I have been following since the first day I created my account has been ESPN. They share stories and updates, completing a balance between life on and off the field. They are not missing anything and should continue to report as they are. Through the numerous public debates and arguments, ESPN has always stayed on their own path, reaching viewers across the world. ESPN has an account on every social media account I have and I view it at least once a day. Authors at ESPN report accurate and timely sports news, while allowing the viewers to engage through comments and polls. The viewers of these articles can be the athletes themselves, sports representatives, or fans of the game. ESPN can be reached through many different platforms and is controlling the world of sports and they rarely provide unjust information.

ESPN is a place where the world of sports can come together and become available for the viewers. “The worldwide leader in sports,” is the ESPN motto and is stated multiple times throughout any sporting event or broadcast. This heading for ESPN, which originated in 1979, encompasses an entertainment forum that allows the world to view sports from around the world. For example, ESPN recently posted an interview of Rafael Nadal after a tennis match. He had just advanced to the next round of the US Open and he claimed, “I always say that I’ve never had big idols, but if I have to say one idol it’s him.” He is directing this message to Tiger Woods, who is a professional golfer and an audience member for this match. Rafael Nadal, who was born in Spain, discussed what it means to be competitive and a top tier athlete. Without ESPN, these two athletes from separate sports would have never connected and the sports industry would be completely different.

When discussing daily news, I think it should be unbiased and reported exactly as it happens. When opinions get incorporated into news, they get misinterpreted and misrepresented. These personal beliefs should be carefully challenged and not thought out, rather than connected with an event that happen less than five minutes ago. There should be no division between different news sources and no conflicts. The stories they share should be presented in a specific way, allowing the viewer to understand what has happened, rather than what it means. Other than daily news, there should be political debates, current events, and other belief challenging sources. These sources would help to educate the general public and enhance the arguments of those involved. When advocating for something, a strong and educated stance on the particular subject is needed. These sources should help correct and enhance the feelings of the readers.

Overall, ESPN has been a consistent news source and continues to give accurate information to their viewers. They aim to keep their viewers educated on the many aspects of sports and continue to share the truth, regardless of personal belief.