Final Thoughts

I feel like I learned a lot during this unit about things I didn’t expect to discuss in an implicit arguments English class. I really did think that all we would be learning about and doing in this class is writing argumentative essays and I’ll admit that wasn’t very appealing to me. When we did begin class and I discovered that we were going to learn about different types of arguments and how different things can make arguments, I was a little more excited because it meant I got to be more creative by using different mediums.

I learned the most during our spatial argument unit because it is something I have never thought about. It seems very obvious that a space can make an argument when it is pointed out to you, but before it never occurred to me. I thought it was interesting to also learn about the back end of digital spaces and websites. I did not know that extensions such as Duck Duck Go, Ghostery, and Terms of Service Didn’t Read existed. I had heard of cookies before and knew that your online presence was tracked, however I didn’t understand the full extent of it until this unit. It is a little bit scary to now know how much every little thing you do online matters and is recorded by other sources. Knowing this information has definitely made me more aware as I surf the web and as I choose what to put and what not to put online about myself.

The fact that your online presence is tracked is scary but it is also very interesting. I liked learning about how much technology has advanced, to the point that just our online persona can be used to create a real life profile of us. There is so much information that can be gathered from just a little bit of action online.

I also learned more about how to create a rhetorical situation through using different mediums besides just writing. Although I don’t prefer writing, it can be easier to establish a rhetorical situation through words because you can just write exactly what it is. In our first unit it was very easy to establish my argument, purpose, audience, etc. because I could just write it out. Through using other mediums like photos, info-graphics, and websites, you have to be a little more creative in order to get your argument across effectively. I personally found that I had a difficult time figuring out how to establish my rhetorical situation through Instagram because it is a digital space that is centered on getting information quick and not using many words to do so. It was also difficult to do this in my photo essay. I had to creatively add text into my photos and around them as captions to fully explain my research and create my rhetorical situation. This unit and our previous units gave me the opportunity to think outside the box on how to form an argument and I think that will serve very valuable in the future having that experience and knowledge.