Rhetorical Issue Memes

For an in-class activity on October 1, we worked in pairs to create memes that define and bring awareness to event-based issues and everyday issues (as per Nicotra’s “Chapter 6: The Invitation to Rhetoric” in Becoming Rhetorical). Memes are particularly relevant for this Image as Argument unit because they are highly circulated visual rhetoric.

The challenge of this in-class assignment was to balance the constraints of the conventions of a particular meme while trying to identify an event-based or everyday issue. Below are the memes with summaries of the rhetorical issues addressed and an explanation of meme used to address the issue.

To create your own memes, consider using one of these meme generators:

Imgflip: https://imgflip.com/memegenerator

Kapwing: https://www.kapwing.com/meme-maker

meme better: http://memebetter.com/generator

The rhetorical issue we are trying to raise awareness for is the popularity and danger of Juuls. The Juul trend has taken over the US by storm, and it is now being discovered that these devices are linked to several deaths. Most people that use these devices carry them around all the time and value greatly them, so the top picture summarizes how people have become so reliant on them. We chose this particular meme because it is a well-known scene that is now making commentary on an everyday problem. Every day people are acting like it is the end of the world because they have lost their Juul or e-cigarette. This meme shows how ridiculous people are acting for whining over such a little issue. Kourtney’s commentary can also comment on how people are dying from e-cigarettes.
Our rhetorical issue is that offshore drilling is focusing on the money aspect rather than worrying about the marine life within our oceans. We are damaging our marine ecosystems. We used this meme because it has 3 characters which represent the 3 stakeholders of our rhetorical problem (drilling companies, marine life, people making the money)
We used an “Everyday Problem” scenario, It basically deals with procrastination and the football represents your main goal with other things surrounding you that block the goal that you are trying to reach.
TCU students struggle finding parking every day. There aren’t very many open parking spots around campus, therefore it takes a long time to find one and when we do we are shocked that we got one. We used this meme of SpongeBob as a caveman to represent how long it takes to find a parking spot on campus. You can also see how SpongeBob seems shocked, which is the same way we feel when we find a parking spot.
Our meme is addressing the parking issue at TCU and the administration’s lack of action. The stakeholders would be the students struggling to find parking at the Admin. We used this meme of an unbothered man rolling in money because this is essentially how the TCU Admin is looking at student’s demand for parking. Instead of addressing the parking crisis at TCU, they are enjoying the amount of money they are making from the parking tickets… 
Rhetorical Issue: it’s supposed to be fall but it hasn’t dropped below 90° in far too long (June); makes it unappealing to spend time outside; health related: heat exhaustion, dehydration, sunburn 
Why we created this meme: As we are both from California, we are not used to this heat. We liked how this meme had the 2 buttons, representing how there is no clear way out of this issue as both options are not ideal. The bottom portion also represents a stakeholder – he is sweating and overheating, which clearly depicts how he is personally effected by the heat.
Vaping on college campus and the cause of deaths when vaping. FDA trying to tell college kids and parents of kids who juul to stop. To show the reluctance of college students and how they don’t want to give up vaping, no matter how many credible sources tell them its not beneficial to their health. We used that picture to show the urgency in the first picture, and the inaction of the college students in the second picture. 
Our rhetorical issue is college students are constantly fighting urges to party instead of work on school. We used this meme because it shows that college students should be studying instead of partying.  
This is a rhetorical issue of the everyday issue of procrastinating or doing what you are suppose to be doing which is homework instead of what you want to do which is drink. The meme is depicting how you are suppose to be going straight and doing the right thing and then you taken a sudden turn towards the wrong thing.
The rhetorical issue is the cost of college and having to take out student loans. We used this meme because someone Forrest Gump represents college students running away from the people driving (student loans). 
The increasing stress and anxiety levels felt by college students because of the pressures and work load of school. It’s an everyday issue that is often ignored by older generations. It fits well with the theme of younger people trying to explain to an older audience that doesn’t always understand. 
Students and faculty members have a hard time finding parking spots. Chancellor Boshini says there is enough spots but we don’t want a far walk from where we parked. We chose this meme it’s at TCU and Steven Crowder talks about very important and controversial issues. The parking spot issues is an important and everyday conversation around campus. 
This is an event based rhetorical issue describing the problems of humans pollution and use of plastic straws that cause the turtles to eat them and be hurt by them. This meme is how the turtles have the tendencies to eat the plastic instead of the real food.
This meme describes the poor relationship between many teachers and students. Some teachers like to express their power in an authoritarian manner. This is an everyday issue that many students of all ages face. We used the “Arthur’s fist” meme because it shows a quiet frustration that students feel.
The rhetorical issue is that TCU has extremely limited convenient parking. Other lots are further away and sometimes the thought of walking is repulsive. This sponge bob meme is very popular right now. It’s accurate for what we’re trying to convey, just getting fed up. And the parking issue is extremely relevant and relatable. 
California just passed a bill allowing college athletes to make money. The first picture of Drake represents the previous version of success, and the one of Drake smiling represents the new idea of success as a college athlete.
Vontaze Burfict was suspended for the remainder of the season following repeated violations of NFL safety rules, rules that have become more strict with the rise of the knowledge of CTE and concussions.