Blog 7

I really have enjoyed this unit. From this unit, I have learned how big of a part that images play in stories. If you are not provided with background information when shown an image, you may perceive something completely different from what is actually happening in the picture. For example, in class when we were shown a little girl standing in front of sunflowers with a backpack, the class assumed she was walking to school. In reality, she was a part of the migrant caravan and was trying to flee from political repression and violence. Just from that picture without all of the information, we had no idea what that little girl was actually going through, but once we received the background information, it made sense and we could see it. When using visual rhetoric, it is very important to think about who you are creating it for and what you want the audience to know about the image and what you are trying to portray.

I have also learned more about myself as a writer throughout this unit. I have learned how to create different types of mediums using visual rhetoric and how to tell a story using images, shapes, colors and many other things that go into it. I have learned to research my audience before I start anything because I have to base look of my visual medium off who my audience is and what would work best for them.

Overall, I have found this unit to be very interesting and something that I will use in my everyday life when looking at images and using visual rhetoric. It is all around us. I think that it is an extremely valuable skill to have and that everyone should have and it will definitely help me in my future.