Blog 2 News Source

I get my world news from CNN but not often. I to be honest downloaded the app on my phone a while back to stay updated and have stuck with it. CNN provides me with what is happening all around the world. Ranging from hurricane Dorian to Boris Johnson. I find it very convenient that I can receive all of my world news through one app. It allows me to stay up to date during my busy days without having to invest that much time into it.

I am way more intrigued by sports news though. I use ESPN to keep me updated on the developing sports news. The news covers the sports world from injuries and trades to rule changes and spotlight articles on specific players. The sports news transitions throughout the season. The writers of these news articles range significantly. Most of them work for ESPN but they do have specials occasionally. All of the ESPN writers are known sports writers who are very informed and passionate about their articles. I believe the audience for ESPN is mainly sports fans who like to stay caught up with what is happening in the sports world. I believe the age demographic for ESPN ranges from children to adults both male and female. Another group that uses ESPN is the sports betting community. Sports betting is a huge part of the sports industry. ESPN keeps those individuals up to date on their sports news and gives them advice on the strengths and weaknesses of a specific team in which they might like to bet on. This allows the reader to become fully informed on the situation without having to do extensive research.

ESPN is strictly sports news, therefore by using ESPN to receive news you miss out on all of the world news that doesn’t have to do with sports. CNN is a little different, CNN covers a much larger spectrum of news but it tends to lean a little bit to the liberal point of view. It’s not completely one sided but you can definitely identify the political aim they have in their articles. Bias is an important part of news. A lot of times it is hard to identify but this bias can completely change your opinion on the article and what you take away from reading it.