Are you there 20803? It’s me, Katie.

I’ve always felt odd writing about myself. The idea of someone getting to know me from a blog post seems impossible. But it’s always a good place to start. My name is Katie Negron and I’m a junior Strategic Communication major at TCU. As I find myself halfway done my college career, I start to wonder more and more everyday about what should come next.

I’ve always tended to lean more to a career in the field of sports media. I think my dream job would be to work in marketing or communications for a sports media company. I’ve tried to gain exposure into that world during my two years at TCU. I’m currently a marketing intern for TCU athletics and that experience has been amazing.

Outside of the academic arena, I’ve been surrounded by essentially “entertainment” my whole life. When I could walk I was thrown into sports. Once I could understand and comprehend music and television I was watching with my brothers. I am a MASSIVE movie nerd and it has always been one of my favorite bonding things to do with my brothers. Once a movie would end we would go outside and play something. My passion for the wide world of the entertainment industry comes from a place early on in my life.

I’m terrible at writing. It has never been my strongest suit. Granted, I’ve never really practiced and worked at it, but I’m hoping this class is a step in the right direction. I just really want to refine my skills and have the ability to write in a concise but effective manner. I know in my career field there will be lots and reports and documents I need to produce, and I want to do so exceptionally.