Blog 10 (The End)

After finishing all of the projects and taking a step back to look at the year, my favorite unit out of the 3 was the last one. I really enjoyed diving deeper into websites that we found interesting and interacted the most with. Within this unit, I learned numerous amounts of things such as to what work goes on behind the scenes of websites. For example, learning about the different work and research that goes into to some of the smallest details such as the like button on Twitter/Facebook. It takes months for the two social media giant workers to configure something thats accessible and acceptable to people from every back ground. To dive in even more, and look at the research part. The most interesting part to me, which is what my project was over, was the mental effects that instagram has on the youth population and the generations that have grown up with technology since they were born.

In addition, another interesting factor that we looked at when dealing with websites were the trackers that are put on you by other companies to see, how you as a person, works. Which is quite scary because basically you’re being researched on without even knowing. In class, we downloaded different website extensions for trackers such as DuckDuckGo. After downloading and learning about what trackers were in class, I definitely have been more aware of the top right of my screen where the trackers locater is to make sure that certain websites I enter are not tracking me.

One thing that I discovered about myself is that when I’m in an English class creating a project over what interest me. I seem to find myself putting in extra effort on the projects because I enjoy learning about something that interest me and makes the creating part way much easier. Instead of procrastinating till the very end and dreading to start the project, I actually want to start when I actually know what I want to do. This was the first English class that I truly enjoyed because I was doing projects over what I wanted to do.

In conclusion, to put everything together, i’ve connected in my head that in order to make a certain medium on how you want to present research that you’ve been studying. You have to do your own research and learn about the different conventions that make up that certain medium. This can be done by looking at other projects that have the same medium and base that example off of what you need to do in order to have well-created project. For example, when was browsing on how to write a photo essay, I found plentiful amounts and compared what each of them had that made the essay good and then incorporated that work into my own work.