Blog 3

Throughout the first three weeks, I have been able to learn and develop specific skills in my writing. I understand now that every news source has a sense of bias whether it be on purpose or not, it still exists. Rhetoric is a method of using writing to persuade a specific group/s into buying into your argument. You must word your writing to fit the specific argument present while accounting for who is reading your piece and how they will comprehend it. The exercise I found very interesting from class was when we were split into small groups and told to define the word “college” into six different categories. Those categories being parents of pre-college children,librarians, high school students, contractors and builders, law enforcement officials and CEO’s. This really put into perspective how you can frame an argument to a specific demographic of people and how they interpret meanings of things completely different then the train of thought that most of the people I am surrounded by think. The librarian group interested me because inside of the group librarians there are multiple smaller categories which might interpret the word college differently. A librarian who works at a college might have a different perspective of the word college compared to your local public librarian for example. This is because they might have different views on the college student and what the word “college” truly means. 

As for the writing process and myself as a writer. I believe the beginning of this class so far has cemented the process of multiple drafts and revisions are necessary for success as a good writer. I have been continuously told that in order for you to succeed in writing, you need to take your time with it and continue to revise it in order to make it read well and have a concise message. I doubted this because I truly didn’t enjoy writing when I was younger because I viewed it as busy work but now as I evolve as a writer I see how important it is to becoming a better writer.