Blog 6

I chose this topic because I feel that the topic of under representation is such a taboo topic to talk about. As a person going into the entertainment industry who is black, it is hard to not feel nervous because of the lack of diversity in the media. There are many films and television shows that have one or two black people in it at most. There are very few outlets that have all black programming, especially black programming that is Oscar or Emmy award winning/ nominated. This writing project is not for the people of color. We are very aware at the lack of diversity in Hollywood. We see it all of the time. This is for the groups of people that are unaware or ignorant to the diversity issue that is happening. There are many people who are oblivious to this issue. They see this programming and just see their favorite actors. They see the amazing acting on stage, but they don’t see the lack of color that is on the screen. The world is full of color, and the current stream of entertainment is not portraying that. This photo essay is going to help shed some light on this issue. Photos are a great way to show the uneven distribution of people of color. We will be able to visually see the differences. I think that one of the limits I will have is not being able to get a broad sense of the differences. I can only zoom into specific movies and television shows.