Blog 6

While deciding what topic I wanted to pursue, I had many choices I needed to make. I wanted my topic to jump out and have a significant influence to the viewer. The rhetorical issues which I looked into were significant to certain audiences. Such as I explored the idea of showing the wealth gap between the Mexican people and the drug cartels. Even though I still think I could accurately depict this through images with captions. I chose to go with the burning of the Amazon. The audience on this topic is somewhat large but it targets specific audiences such as the Brazilian government and environmentalists. While also being able to touch your average man or woman all over the world including Brazil. 

The medium I chose to use was a photo essay. The photo essay allows me to visually show the audience the problem. While adding small captions below to give the images more meaning and power. This should allow me to get my point across to my audience, that change is needed now. These images graphically show the results of deforestation in the Amazon. Which causes the climate to become dry and more susceptible to fires. 

The affordance of using this medium is I can spread awareness about the damage these fires are causing to the lungs of the world. While also showing the underlying causes that are accelerating the destruction. It’s a topic that I feel like people are aware of but don’t have much knowledge of the causes and the truth. High amounts of deforestation have been occurring and the Brazilian government is not acting on it. The president actually made a statement that the forest and resources were up for business. 

 I am definitely limited by choosing this medium. I will not be able to provide video evidence which would allow the audience to feel a first hand experience but on the other hand, I do believe my still photos can provide enough power to get a reaction from my audience. Another limit I will have is the short captions will limit my ability to get my full message across but if I create strong captions it should encourage my audience to do more outside research on the topic. 

This topic is crucial to the survival of this planet. Once the Amazon is gone there is no coming back and that will affect the way of life for generations to come. I believe this topic should be brought to the center of attention in order to bring justice to the individuals who are personally gaining off of the destruction of our natural resources. We only have one planet so we should attempt to reduce the destruction we are causing. I know this is only one of many problems that we have going on in the world. For example the large amounts of plastic in our oceans. This cause does have an easier solution to it than most of those other causes. The amazon accounts for 20% of the worlds oxygen. Regulations would protect the Amazon and also significantly improve our environment and the condition of our planet for future generations.