Blog #7

One lesson that really stuck out to me is the idea of deliberate choices when creating visual arguments. When you read or look at a piece, you understand what the author is trying to portray with their message. But if you break down the piece into smaller parts, you realize how many choices the author had to make in order to create the final piece. Once you break it down, you get a sense of intentionality that the author strode for. Everything from placement, spacing, color, font and length are decided on to create the larger picture. It’s easy to forget how much work and choices go into a piece. This unit helped remind me of the amount of work.

I think one thing I learned as a composer is I like to think in big picture. I don’t really like to focus on the smaller details, but with this assignment I had to. I normally underestimate the power smaller decisions have. I think I overlook their importance when I’m thinking of the big picture of a work. Those smaller decisions include font, spacing, color etc. One thing I really need to work on as a composer is patience. Once I get an idea in my head I want to run with it, but I learned in this lesson that a workshop period helps me to create my best work. I need to be more patient in the creative process rather than finish the assignment as fast as I can.

One example from class about intentionality and decision making are the articles we read for homework. I read the article about the redwoods. In my group discussion we talked about the importance of the pictures being in black and white. A decision like that would normally just go over my head and wouldn’t register completely. But after group discussion and some of the readings, I came to understand the importance of creative decisions.