Blog 7

During this unit, I have learned a lot about visual rhetoric argument. Visual rhetoric arguments act to persuade the audience one way or the other in many different forms. Examples of this are PSA, infographics, photo essays, and essays with photos. Before this unit, I was aware of this type of writing and persuasion but I wasn’t aware of the components and what it took to make an accurate and efficient visual rhetoric argument. Now after learning about them, I see how they can be very effective in portraying a message while others can be very ineffective given the audience and information provided. 

Visual rhetoric arguments begin with the topic/argument and the stance you are going to take. This part is heavily influenced by the audience you are attempting to target. Whether that be a very specific audience or a broad audience your writing must target that group. An example of a broad audience would be a PSA directed towards drunk driving. This PSA can reach both individuals who drink and possibly drink and drive while also reaching people who don’t drink about the dangers of drinking and driving especially teens under the age of 21. With that example in place, it shows the importance of this style of writing. This style of argumentative writing can have life changing effects on individuals and specific events.

With that said, they can also be very ineffective if the information is difficult to interpret. An example of this was the info-graphic we discussed in class. Which showed the gap between males and females in the workplace. This info-graphic was very unclear where the facts came from and didn’t back up the argument the individual was trying to portray. This example taught me that you need to cite your work and allow the reader to expand upon the visual argument you are providing them. This allows them to clear up any confusion in which you might have not intentionally included in your argument. While also supporting where your facts came from. This was also something which I learned from unit one while writing are news articles.