Blog 9

In this news story about Reddit from five days ago. It explains how Reddit had a partial outage which caused users to be unable to log in for a period of time. The outage affected mostly user in the United States. Reddit is yet to comment on the outage even though they reported that the website was back up and running. This outage angered many users and is a prime example of why Reddit is struggling to keep up with today’s websites. This issue affected mostly desktop, mobile and app versions of Reddit. 

In this article, it explains how even though Reddit is a small slice of the social media spectrum but it is becoming one of the more news oriented social spaces out there. They claim that 75 percent of it users get news from the site and this article was written in 2016 and they say that 45 percent of its users learned about the presidential election via Reddit. The article hints how the website is designed for “young, male and liberal viewers”. I am interested in this because I have never used Reddit for politics or heard of anyone doing so. They also mention in the article that before Barack Obama was elected he held a Q & A on the site which allowed the users to ask him their desired questions. They then end the article with common terminology on the digital space.

In this article by BBC, the CEO of Reddit came out and claimed that they will not ban distasteful content on Reddit. This comes after controversy arose over images of women were posted to the website without their consent. They highlight a specific individual Gawker who is a moderator for subreddits such as jailbate which is known for posting disturbing pictures of underage girls and another one called creepshots which is an account that takes pictures of women in public without their permission and comments about their attractiveness. This is extremely inappropriate and disgusting. Both these specific accounts have since been removed but CEO Wong has claimed the others will remain on the site. This essentially gives the reddit users the green light to post any photos they please too. They go onto request a ban of this guy and user like him in order to make the digital space more user friendly.

In this article, It talks about an individual who goes by Violentacrez also known as Gawker and now newly discovered as Michael Brutski. This individual has been labelled as the biggest troll on the internet. This man is sick and his goal is to disturb you with his content. His content includes: Underage girls, porn, racism and many other disturbing catagories such as incest. These are the individuals which are giving Reddit an extremely bad name or attracting other sickos to the website. The article mentions how this man played an important role in Reddit becoming the juggernaut that it has become. He is known as a military father and a cat lover in person. This is a prime example of how individuals can transform from real people in real life to twisted individuals online. I believe this individual brings bad light onto the Reddit community.