Blog Post 4

A great example for when images have impacted me are images I see of war. We always hear about war in the news and in history books, but when you see images, it can really influence your thoughts and mindset. Images of violence and fear can create the argument that wars are personal with real humans, and that they are not as distant as they seem. These images can also stress the urgency of resolving an issue or finding peace. Images in history books can tell additional and specific stories. They can also add detail to how a story is being told. In recent news, the images of the Syrian civil war have impacted me and many others. The images of demolished cities and stranded families make the argument that the violence there involves real humans just like us, and the violence there is much worse than what articles or people will say. Seeing the close-up details of war causes many viewers want to stand up and do something about the issue. Seeing these influential images can teach me that images can create arguments too, and stories are much easier to imagine with the help of images. Images provide more detail as well as tell their own story. One of the images I viewed was a lone child standing in his demolished city crying. He was covered in smoke and ash and was obviously in a large amount of distress. This image appeals to pathos as viewers, including myself, are deeply saddened and want to do something to help the kid. Another image was of a couple of men shooting their guns into a torn up building. This image provides the details of what the soldiers of this war look like. One of the men is wearing ordinary civilian clothes, which reminds us that this civil war is being fought by ordinary Syrian civilians. The last image of the Syrian civil war that I viewed was of a large group of kids walking across shattered stone. They were casually trekking across the shambles of their city. This image provides the argument that this civil war is destroying the homes that belong to many, and the kids experiences this violence are being strongly impacted by the pain they see. Many news outlets in America cover this news to show American people the details of how horrific this war is. It provides the argument that the war is not as distant as we think. People who are just like us are being killed, losing loved ones, and losing their homes. These images teach me the importance of reporting with images. Images can provide their own argument, or can support one. They can also add detail and tell a story of their own.,fl_lossy/t_Article2016_Control/218711