By looking at my social media account on twitter you can tell that I don’t post a lot I really don’t use social media that often but from what I have posted now you can tell that I am very into my sport I retweet and tweet a lot of motivational and real-life awareness content. I don’t post a lot either I’ll probably post a photo every other month or so from a picture the photographer that would send me a pic from a game or practice. But for the most of it i’m really big on liking and retweeting content off of my timeline. I don’t know why i don’t post on twitter as much i just feel like everything you do shouldn’t be documenting or sharing everything you do in life. if anything just post the significant and meaningful things.

one of the most recent post that i made on twitter was me and one of my teammates joking around in practice having a good time doing what we love to do. i posted this because i wanted the public eye to see we all handle our business as athletes but we also know how to have fun with each other and stay as a team and not enemies.

Another thing you can get from my twitter account by looking at my bio is that I’m a sophomore here at Texas Christian University, also I’m religious as well. Another thing you can infer from my account is that I don’t like to be bothered, my birthday is July 20th 2000, and I joined twitter in December of 2014. From looking at my likes I like and retweet a lot of football videos and a lot of up to date sports news and funny videos.

I have also deleted a lot of content since high school and everything so I lost most of that content as well. the reason i deleted everything is because i wanted to start off college as a clean slate and make new memories and create new experiences for myself. also another reason i deleted everything is because i wanted to create new goals for myself instead of dwelling in the old accomplishments i had.

What u notice about my twitter when you scroll threw it is a lot of funny videos and or quotes. also you notice twitters gives me a list of people to follow like Amazon prime and Roddy rich just people and companies of that sort. the reason i get those preferred people to follow because i linked my twitter or have follow similar accounts like it and twitter matches me up with them. Sometimes you also might run across some advertisements along the way twitter made an update recently to were you have to a ad to watch whatever video u want to watch first.

Also i like how twitter has all of the latest news and sports news on the right of the screen so i can keep track of the latest trends on social media and all of the latest scores. there not a lot of information to elaborate on about my twitter account because i don’t use it that much or any other social media platform, i tend to stay to myself and to my sport i don’t really like to have my photo taken unless its for a real special occasion.