Burning of the Amazon


This image touches the viewer in two different ways. It shows you a view on the rain forest burning and gives you an idea of how much is already burnt and the devastating effects it is having on the world’s largest rain forest often referred to as the “lungs of our planet”. It is intended to make the viewer aware and want to do something about the problem. As if that wasn’t enough, the creator included a burnt rabbit in the middle section of the image to gain more sympathy for the cause. The burnt rabbit symbolizes all of the animals and creatures which are being affected due to these fires. If action isn’t taken these animals will be wiped out along with their habitats. This picture was posted as the headline of an article on Blavity.com. The article provided stats and reasons for why we should care about the burning of the rain forest and ways to help solve the problem. 


This image depicts the massive fires swirling around in the Amazon rain forest. The flames reaching as high as the trees shows the extent of the flames. With the black smoke making the image more gloomy and dark. This image is supposed to depict the real size of these fires and spread awareness that help is needed now in order to prevent these large fires from spreading. This image was apart of an environmental journal posted on Medium titled “The lungs of our planet”. The article provides updates and videos of the fires from a first hand point of view and encourages the viewers to bring awareness to this cause. It also highlights climate change problems which are leading to these catastrophic events and problems in our world.  

This third image shows the results of these fires after the fact with only burning stumps and baron ground. The smoke in the air creates a gloomy and dark background to the photo with trees in the background. I believe the trees in the background symbolize hope while at the same time display the next area to be affected. This enables the viewer of the image to still believe there is hope in the situation but indicates the hope is on a timer and the trees in the background will slowly be turned into burning stumps as depicted in the image. This image was found on the FEE which stands for Foundation for Economic Education. It goes into the reasons why we should be concerned and the economics behind the fire and what it will cost us to restore, if we continue to allow it to burn. It outlines how serious this problem is.  

All three of these images are taken of the Amazon rainforest burning in Brazil. I believe each image sends the message that help is needed to prevent the loss of the entire Amazon rainforest. All three images are similar in the fact that they show the burning in some type of way. The first image captures three different stages of the fire. It shows the burning itself and the impact it is leaving behind on the rainforest in the image on the left. The image on the right shows the size of the flames and the damage they are capable of causing. While the middle image makes the picture heartfelt and touching by showing a burnt rabbit at the center of the picture. I believe the following two images connect to the first picture but in two different ways. The second image connects to the first image in the way it shows the size and power of this fire. The massive flames connect to the two outside pictures in the first image. While the third image connects to the burnt rabbit because they both show the aftermath of the fire and what is left behind. The final picture is more gloomy than any of the other images which makes it unique and meaningful. 

The overarching theme of these examples is the issue that our biggest rainforest in the world is burning at an alarming rate and nobody is paying attention to it. These images are intended to change that by giving the audience a view into the truths of the fire. I believe the audience intended for these images range from environmentalists to your average american who isn’t affected by the situation but is moved by these graphic images of our rainforests burning. Another audience for these images are the brazilian government and foreign aid such as the United States who would be interested in helping save our worlds rainforests. Once the Amazon is burnt and gone, it is a long road to returning it to the shape it was in before the fires. That’s why this visual medium is so meaningful and important in today’s society and people will be moved by these graphic images.