I feel like using images is a way stronger approach when trying to get your point across because it can create an emotional appeal to the audience that the author is trying to reach and it could persuade the target audience to get a better understand what is being addressed.  

Today my visual medium will be over the dangers of smoking and why we should stop smoking all together to save the lives of millions of people. In my first infographic it states that over 1.35 billion people smoke all over the world, and an estimated rate of about5 million people a year die from smoking alone worldwide and about 443,000 people die a year in just the U.S. Also, around 50,000 people die from the effects of second hand smoke. Smoking is so addicting that only 5 out of 100 people succeed at stopping the addictions that they start when they begin to smoke cigarettes.  


In this infographic this shows how more than 100 percent of the time smoking causes lung damage and is irreversible damage as well. There are approximately over 7000 different chemicals that they put into cigarettes making them so dangerous. By smoking the side effects of this horrible addiction is bad breath, greater risk for lung cancer and other raspatory diseases. Smoking also interferes with brain development, and it messes with how your eyes and mouth starts to look, also cigarettes is a unwanted burden that can get annoying with people paying over $642,000 a year just to support their addiction. The best thing to do to save yourself and your money is to stop smoking all together and find help  


In this infographic this one states that second hand smoke causes 41,000 premature deaths to adults more than 400 infants die each year from this addiction. Second hand smoke is one if the leading causes of cancers in pets and in humans the pets that are most likely to get some kind of nasal cancer is cats and dogs because that what most people prefer to have in their house and they have a greater risk of inhaling the smoke from their owner. Over 42 percent of Americans are not protected by smoking laws but if we can ban cigarettes this will make the world and the environment a healthier place to live. Also, over 98 percent of people who live with smokers are exposed to second hand smoke and are affected. There are so many benefits to quit smoking honestly the cost outweighs the benefits when you smoke so the best thing to do is to stop.