Visual Argument Analysis

Words are a gateway in which you can get to the root of a message. Words allows people the chance to express their true emotions, give explanations, and even raise questions on what is happening in the world. Words can also have great power in establishing a credible argument. Although words can be a great tool in creating valuable arguments, it is challenging for the audience to picture the nuances of what is being said. Images are a necessity to finely craft an argument. Jalen Lacy, creator of the instagram account, does an amazing job at using images to develop the different meanings of love through still images. What I think is so captivating and persuasive about these images is the diversity of people within each image. is an instagram account created by TCU Alum Jalen Lacy. The sole purpose of the account was to give the people a look into different people’s perspective on what love means to them. Jalen will take a picture of the participant, and then he will ask for a quote about love and a song that reminds you about love. When scrolling through this sight, you get the chance to see a diverse group of people’s perception of what they believe love is. In its origins, because he was a TCU student, it gave the student body the chance to see what other peoples minds about love were.

For starters, I love the photographers use of black and white images. This is a very subtle and brilliant maneuver on his part. The colorless images creates a sense of generality among the images. I forced to believe that everyone is on the same level when giving responses. I am more likely to get an insight into their personality. Though it is easy to tell the participant’s races, that is not my main observation when scrolling through the page. 

The first image is of Tia Johnson. When you look at her, you can tell that she is a woman who is strong. I look and see the abundance of confidence that she has for life and in herself. In the caption, Jalen says that she is “unapologetic in her elegance, and fierce with her determination”. We get a strong sense of her personality in this image. When quoted about love she said that it is love “when someone shows consistency”. Her love song is Best Part by Daniel Caesar. If love were a color for her, it would be black. When reading this and listening to the song, I can tell that Tia is very absolute in her love. Love takes time for it to grow. Only through consistency can it blossom. Even with someone so strong and confident, love is so powerful for her.

The second image is of Libby Smith. When examining the image, you can see that she is a sweet and radiant soul. She can light up the room with her smile alone. In the caption Jalen says that “if this red-headed, freckle-faced ball of joyous thunda doesn’t make you smile, then youuu suck”. When talking about love, she says that is “when you always look for the good in someone”. Her song for love is Heart’s on fire by Passenger and her color for love is sunflower yellow. Libby’s brand of love is pure. It is as infinite as the light that comes from the sun. The photographer does a great job at capturing an image to match the quote that she gives. 

The third image is of a couple. This is a different concept for Jalen. He normally does solo shots of people. They could be single or currently in a relationship, we do not know. I think that it is important to note that he is photographing a couple. In the photo we have David Lewis and Leah Williams. With configuration in which they are invokes that they are a happy couple. She trusts him and he trusts her. When asked about love they said that “when someone asks you imagine hugging someone…and you automatically picture the person you love”. They also say that it is also “when all your thoughts and decisions revolve around this one person”. Their colors for love are salmon pink and yellow and their love song is Snow by Red Hot Chili Peppers. This such great concept for Jalen to do. Because it shows loves being acted upon before our eyes. We can look and see that love can be a beautiful thing between two people.

These three images are so important because it shows the diversity that love has. The four people in these images are all so incredibly different. They are all so different in how they give and receive love. One person’s vision of love can be as dark as the night or bright as the sign. These are all equally valid. It shows that love can be possessed and expressed by all of us. This is an important instagram page to start, especially in our current social climate. Jalen Lacy shows us that all we need in life is to love and to love as hard as we possibly can. That is the only way that we can be saved as a humanity.