Asian/Asian American Caucus for CCCC, Digital Media Coordinator: As the Digital Media Coordinator on the AAAC’s leadership committee, I am responsible for the upkeep of the AAAC website, Facebook page, and Twitter.

Best of the Independent Rhetoric and Composition Journals 2017, Associate Editor: With Dr. Carrie Leverenz and a group of graduate students, we read and evaluated nominations for the Best of collection. This experience not only introduced me to a range of rhetoric and composition journals and scholarship, but also provided me with a window into the editorial process.

Texas Christian University

During my two years at TCU, I have served on a range of institutional and departmental committees.

At the institutional level, I was elected to the Graduate Student Senate as the Vice President of Student Engagement for the 2017-2018 academic year. In this position, I was responsible for designing all promotional materials—lawn signs, flyers, and social media posts—and the planning of Graduate Student Appreciation Week. I also served on the Vision In Action: Lead On Committee, a strategic planning committee tasked with providing recommendations for the advancement of the university. I also served on the graduate student subcommittee of the Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies Graduate Certificate committee. Currently, I serve on the Instructional Development Grant committee, which provides recommendations to the Associate Provost for Research regarding grants to develop new or revise existing courses. Together, these service opportunities allowed me to help shape the experiences of graduate students at TCU by promoting diversity and inclusion.

For the TCU English Department, I served on the Graduate Student Diversity Committee, which developed a set of suggestions for creating a more diverse and equitable program, and later served on a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Working Group focused on revising departmental policies and procedures. In Fall 2018, I served as the graduate student representative on the Radford Chair search committee. For the 2019-2020 academic year, I was elected as the Vice President of TCU’s Rhetoric Society of America chapter and moderate and organize the Rhetoric and Composition Reading Group.

As a Graduate Assistant at TCU’s Center for Digital Expression, I collaborated with instructors at Paschal High School for the PiP or “Partners in Purple” event. Over one month, Paschal high school students come to the CDEx for tutorials on designing multimodal presentations (similar to TED talks), which are then judged by a group of TCU graduate students. Five finalists participate in a final PiP competition. In Spring 2018, I assisted and taught tutorials and served as a judge for the finals.

Emerson College

As a graduate instructor and then adjunct at Emerson, I heavily contributed to the program by participating in a range of committees. As a member of the WR101 Task Force, I helped develop a new core curriculum for the first course in a year-long curriculum. As part of my work for the Task Force, I co-wrote a proprietary textbook—Writers and Readers: Creating Meaningful Essays and Supportive Writing Communities—with fellow instructors Mary Kovaleski Byrnes, Seven Himmer, and Molly McGillicuddy. This textbook provides the foundation for the WR101 course. The writing of this textbook was supported by the Emerson PLANS Grant and workshop, which brought together faculty from across the college who taught first-year courses. This experience provided me with invaluable experience with curricular design, collaborative textbook writing, and strategic program planning.

I also served as co-chair of the FYWP Showcase Committee, a group of instructors who organize the annual showcase of student work. The Annual Showcase of Student Work, which takes place at the conclusion of the Spring semester, provides the only space for an entire class of students to gather and discuss their academic and intellectual work. Additionally, I served as a mentor to new graduate instructors and participated in the Civic Engagement Affinity Group. Based on my participation in the Civic Engagement Affinity Group, I developed a service learning course on community literacy. For more about this course, see the Emerson Teaching page on this website as well as the Community Literacy course site.