Texas Christian University

During my first year teaching at TCU, I took Teaching College Composition while teaching a common syllabus of English 10803: Writing as Inquiry. In Spring 2018, I taught a modified version of the common syllabus.

ENGL 10803: Writing As Inquiry

ENGL 10803 is a writing workshop focused on writing as a kind of inquiry and the critical thinking that occurs while we write, not just before we write.

Fall 2017 (common syllabus)

Spring 2018 (modified common syllabus)

My modification changed the final two units (previously an academic argument essay and a multimodal remediation) into a “public intervention” project in which students used research from the discovery essay to engage a specific audience with a call to action. Students chose the genre and medium for their final projects based on their audience and call to action. Students produced children’s books on coral bleaching, websites explaining NC-17 ratings, infographics about the benefits of autonomous cars to name a few.