Translingual Pedagogy Resource

This pedagogical resource, “Translanguaging TCU: Exploring a translingual approach to language difference in composition,” was created in Dr. Carrie Leverenz’s Writing Program Administration and Teaching College Composition courses. The goal of the website is to introduce fellow TCU faculty to a translingual orientation toward language difference and to provide pedagogical resources to translanguage your classroom.

View the Translanguaging TCU website

The Translanguaging TCU website includes the following sections:

  • Learn: This section includes an infographic overview of translingual scholarship in rhetoric and composition, an argument for a translingual approach to writing based on survey responses from TCU instructors, and resources for further reading.
  • Teach: This section includes pedagogical resources I developed while teaching at Emerson and Wheelock Colleges, sample syllabi for TCU ENGL 10803: Writing as Inquiry and 20803: Writing Argument, information on a translingual approach to writing assessment, and an explanation of how a translingual approach meets TCU’s learning outcomes.
  • Partner: This section includes interviews from representatives of departments across the university who also provide support to translingual and international students.
  • Create: This page includes reflections on my attempt to translanguage TCU.