Wheelock College

ENG 120: Critical Reading and Writing I

ENG 120 is the first in a year-long course and focuses on close reading and analysis through the case-and-frame model. This is a themed course and students practice critical thinking by reading, analyzing, and writing arguments.

Fall 2013: Language Across Cultures (syllabus)

This course explored the connections between language and culture and on the blending of both. We considered such questions as: How does (or doesn’t!) language shape our identity and sense of self? How does language create groups and keep others out? What is the connection between language and culture? And ultimately, how can language connect us between and among cultures?

Spring 2016: Monsters and the Monstrous (syllabus)

This course will explore the cultural and social significance behind horror and urban legends. Student critically read and analyze horror texts from various mediums along with scholarly theory about the subject. They will then apply that theory to a monster or horror trope of their choosing. This course is focused on developing critical reading and writing skills.

ENG 121: Critical Reading and Writing II

ENG 121 is the second in the year-long series and builds on the foundations of the previous course. Also a themed course, this is more explicitly focused on the process of research. Students begin the semester by surveying the field of discussion and writing position essays. They then pursue lines of research through literature reviews/annotated bibliographies, op-ed pieces based on that research, and then proposals for advocacy campaigns to promote knowledge.

Spring 2015 and Fall 2015: Food for Thought (Spring syllabus; Fall syllabus)

With food as the main topic of discussion, students hone skills of responding to arguments and developing their own. The class helps develop and refine academic voice by focusing your attention on the ways in which, regardless of content, we make and convey meaning with our words.